About Us

The Can Do 5K Fun Run is organized by My Village Northwest to bring awareness to what kids with special needs Can Do. On this day, in this race, we celebrate the challenges kids with special needs face — and overcome. The Can Do 5K puts the emphasis on can.

My Village Northwest is dedicated to creating and cultivating relationships between the community and individuals with special needs and their families. The Can Do 5K supports My Village Northwest Community Group Grants, which are designed to create:

  • New and increased opportunities of community for our families
  • Housing and employment opportunities for individuals with
    special needs
  • Social and support opportunities for our families
  • Meaningful, inclusive, recreational activities for individuals
    with special needs
  • My Village Northwest Coalition activities and events aimed at developing meaningful community
  • Partnerships with organizations offering services to individuals with special needs
  • Programs to support information exchange
  • Increased disability awareness training

We are an all-volunteer community made up of families with children with special needs who “get it.” We recognize the need for quality programming to help build relationships and socialize.